Thank you for visiting our website.  We hope you enjoy viewing our photographs as much as we have enjoyed creating them.  

We have tried to 'keep it simple' ... assembling more or less a collection of what we consider to be the most successful of our attempts at capturing the beauty and engaging images of the world around us.  The galleries are the focus of our work on this website, intended primarily for display on digital devices, but many have been exhibited as framed prints and giclées in local shops and galleries around the Monterey Peninsula.  A number have been displayed as part of exhibitions by the Independent Photographers, Padre Trails Camera Club and Carmel Foundation Photo Group.  The Arts Council for Monterey County has also selected several for display in County buildings and the Arts Council calendar in recent years and some have appeared in the Monterey County Official Visitors Guide.  

Of course, many hang on the walls of our home for our own enjoyment.  Over time, we hope to update and add to the galleries as opportunities arise.  


We have been avid amateur photographers for decades, even giving ourselves a 35 mm SLR camera as a wedding gift over 50 years ago, but began taking photographs more purposefully and developing skill at image enhancement with the advent of digital cameras and sophisticated post-processing software at the turn of the 21st Century.  Happily for us, that technological transformation away from darkroom chemicals into digital computer software in a took place at about the time we retired from our professional careers, allowing us the time necessary to learn and practice.  The technology of photography continues to advance rapidly and creates an endless challenge to keep abreast of both the equipment and software available to create the most enjoyable artistic expressions.  

In addition to exploring the beautiful area in which we live, our travels have taken us beyond the west coast of California to Oregon and Washington, to National Parks in the western US and Canada, to the major cities of Canada, plus picturesque Lake Tahoe on the California-Nevada border.  A visit to the Baltic and Scandinavian countries also provided numerous photographic opportunities abroad.  

Photographic art is a fascinating and absorbing alternative to the demands of everyday living.  We have found that few of the mental processes that make for success in the material world contribute meaningfully to the development of artistic talent, and vice versa.  We are indeed fortunate in our pursuit of enjoyment of another side of life after the pursuit of career.  

We hope to continue for years to find interesting images to share through travel and exploration of the world around us.  Please check back periodically for new and updated galleries.


We can make any of our copyrighted digital images available to license for use elsewhere or to purchase as prints or giclées in various sizes through Verbanec Photography.  We have also published three books which are available in print, two of which can be downloaded as PDFs.  Please see the ordering tab for more information.  

Specialty or personal brochures, flyers, note cards, etc., can be arranged through SV Graphic Design. We also provide event photography services for both private and public groups and we are proud to have supported several local non-profit organizations for over 10 years with photos for use in promotional and supporter publications.  



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